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PLEASE, Pardon our Progress

Thank you for visiting our website. We apologize that many of the pages are not yet ready for viewing. If all things work well, all the basics should be working no later than  31 January 2010.

Cedar Valley Ministries

Thank you for visiting our website. On this page you will find a summary of our various ministries. You may click-thru to their specific pages from here or the navigation menu found on each page of this site.

  • The Chapel
    The Chapel, as a sub-ministry of the Cedar Valley Bible Society, is a unique online ministry dedicated to encouraging personal spiritual development, private and family devotional moments, personal Bible study, in-home worship and prayer. At the Chapel page you will also find a link to the world-wide ministry of the Prayer Team. Plus, there is information about how to be saved and begin a meaningful life of fulfillment in serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Cedar Valley Bible Society
    The Cedar Valley Bible Society is our outreach into the world to engage men and women, young adults, teens, boys and girls in the meaningful practice of important spiritual disciplines beginning with daily Bible reading, personal prayer and holy living. A great emphasis of the Bible society will be on sharing the Gospel message with non-believers. Another emphasis will be a ministry of encouragement to pastors and laypersons in local churches.

  • CVN, The Cedar Valley Network
    CVN is the Cedar Valley Network. CVN presents online audio and video channels with multiple opportunities for information, inspiration, education and family-friendly, Christian-oriented entertainment.

  • Evergreen Institute
    The Evergreen Institute, also called "EI", "Evergreen" and "the Institute", is an exciting new educational opportunity for Christians who want to expand their knowledge of Holy Scriptures and improve their personal service for the Lord. Bible survey and individual Bible book studies are being prepared that combine the powerful technology of the internet with the best of other in-home study strategies. There will be courses for ministers, missionaries, laypersons and other church workers.

    While these are our current ministries being posted to this website, please come back regularly to receive updates about their progress and the addition of other valuable ministry works.